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ABADAL Matís Crianza 2017

Dostępność: duża ilość
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Producent: ABADAL
Kod produktu: F4ED-97269


A matís (nuance) is a small, almost imperceptible detail that makes something unique. The wooded environment of our vineyards fills this long and elegant wine with a nuance of balsamic and undergrowth aromas.

The combination of a recovered historical variety -Mandó- with the international varieties rooted in our country estate for many years -Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot- brings many different sensations that take us to the taste of our region. The nose of Abadal Matís stands out for its aromatic richness, with aromas of ripe red fruit (cherry, raspberry) with a spicy background, and carob, black pepper and balsamic notes that refresh and harmonise the whole. There are also sensations of liquorous red fruit (berries). A full, long and elegant wine that fills the mouth with nuances.

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