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ABADAL Mandó 2017

Dostępność: brak towaru
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Producent: Abadal
Kod produktu: 785B-1638B


Abadal was a pioneer in El Bages in recovering this variety. Abadal Mandó is a tribute to El Bages and our innovative spirit. This variety takes longer to ripen and is resistant to high temperatures, making it a variety that adapts well to climate change.

The native variety of Mandó takes us into the heart of Bages’ woodlands, with it floral aromas, carob, undergrowth and traces of spices, liquorice and ripe fruit. In the mouth it is balanced, lush and rounded. It finishes with an aromatic character typical of this variety and with a lively acidity which gives it great length in the glass. Fresh, elegant and the identity of a varietal.

Aged in oak barrels and in clay amphorae. During this time, punching down (pigeage) is carried out in order to release the varietal’s aromatic extraction and colour. It is aged for 12 months: 40% in oak barrels and 60 % in clay amphorae.

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