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ABADAL Arboset 2017

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Producent: Abadal
Kod produktu: C2D1-29639


Extreme, deep and authentic, Abadal Arboset expresses Abadal’s main identity elements, such as territory and landscape, the search for uniqueness and tipicality, and the will to highlight the traditional varieties of the Bages.

Coming from a small vineyard distributed in terraces, Viña Arboset is characterized by its landscape of woods, its eightyish-year old grapevines and also for having a dry stone vat in the middle of the vineyard- Currently this is the only vineyard that preserves a dry stone vat in the vineyard-. Ten historical varieties of grapes coexist in this vineyard. Mainly Mandó, Picapoll, Sumoll, and also Punxó Fort, Cap Pelat, Cua de Moltó, Malvasia from Manresa, Pansera, Fumat and Cap Negre.

Of red Cherry colour, with a fine layer, in a still glass, the fruits of the forest with sensations of citric fruit and aromatic herbs stand out, as a clear reflection of the environment that surrounds the wine.

Reminders of spices and undergrowth, aroma of ripe fruit with sensations of liquor, touches of liquorice and slight floral memories, with a balsamic constant (pine-needle, rosemary, lavender…) on the palate, it is fluent but also straight, with a marked acidity. The aromatic reminiscence confirms the fruity richness (woods strawberry, pomegranate, Cherry) supported by a fennel, lemon verbena and aniseed-flavoured fragrance that gives it depth.

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